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UNISEX BEAD BRACELET and Bracelet with bible verse


AmazingI absolutely LOVE my bottle! It makes me happy every time I see the words of affirmation on it. Brings daily joy, and I can’t stop using it. I would HIGHLY recommend it! 

M. Autrey


This bracelet means so much to me. It’s a great reminder to have when your at your lowest. Thank you! Will definitely be ordering some more.

Miriam P

Love it! I love my affirmation tumbler. Whenever I’m having a moment I lol at my bottle and declare those affirmations over myself to change my perspective and mood! It’s cute, durable and just gives me all the positive vibes.

L. Bell

With so much negativity inWith so much negativity in the world it is a breath of fresh air to look at my tumbler and be reminded of how I personally can put positive things in the atmosphere. My purchase was wrapped in so much love and they make great gifts!


Thank you for your kinds words and encouraging word. It was really lovely reading your card this  week. I also took a few photos of the bracelets. I am loving them. My wrist is a little small and these fit me perfect

M. Garcia

I love this bracelet

This bracelet has been a blessing. It constantly reminds me to Trust God always even in chaos and life event. I have my daily reminder bracelets.


 Had my bracelet on today . And almost got down and in my feelings about something. Then read my bracelets and felt empowered! Stronger than the struggle!!! Yasss Sis 

T. Brookins

Love!!I love all the rings! I got this one and the choose joy and I’m obsessed!