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Natures remedy for chapped lips - our organic oil-infused lip balm moisturizes with jojoba seed oil.

Our organic oils lip balm is the ultimate solution for moisturizing dry and chapped lips. Our formula includes an exclusive blend of natural ingredients, with jojoba seed oil being the key player in keeping your lips hydrated and smooth. This product has been designed to provide long-lasting relief from harsh conditions that can cause your lips to crack or chap, such as cold weather or excessive sun exposure. We are committed to using only the highest quality organic oils, ensuring that our lip balm not only delivers optimal results but also keeps you free from harmful chemicals and toxins found in other products on the market. With consistent use of our lip balm, you'll be sure to have healthy-looking lips all year round!

  • Our lip balm is made with organic oils, providing a natural solution for moisturizing dry and chapped lips
  • The combination of jojoba seed oil and other nourishing ingredients in our lip balm helps to lock in moisture, leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth
  • Regular use of our lip balm can help prevent future chapping by strengthening the delicate skin on your lips
  • Unlike many other products on the market, our lip balm contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances
  • Just pure, effective ingredients that work together to keep your lips healthy and hydrated

Our Lip balm moisturizes the lips with a blend of organic oils including cold-pressed Jojoba Seed Oil, Sun Flower Oil, Grapeseed oil, lavender, cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilla wax.. This cutting-edge formulation allows for the silky oil to melt onto lips, creating the perfect priming base before applying lipstick, perfect for dry, chapped lips. 

Use as often as desired throughout the day, or as an overnight lip treatment.

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Gluten free

Certified Organic



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